Fashion Linq is a young but highly experienced textile company. Young, because the name was not launched until 2010. Experienced, because Fashion Linq combines the strengths of a number of individual textile companies that have already amply earned their spurs in the European market for textile and fashion accessories. The group's pillars include Lowland Fashion, Answers & Questions, Debo and Menino, which on average have some twenty years' experience in the profession.


It is from this position of combined strength – under one name and at one location in Amersfoort – that we work on strengthening our market position. We create the link between production locations one the one hand and sales outlets on the other in all respects. From our own offices in Asia and Europe we cover the entire process from the design of the fashion collections to delivery to the client. That way we continuously work on improving the level of service for our customers even further.

A rosy future

We see plenty of ways of extending Fashion Linq's market position. We regularly explore, develop and create new product-market combinations, without excluding initiatives outside of the sector. We are especially alert to new market developments and respond to them immediately if they are a good fit for our clients or prospects. In some cases we take the lad ourselves, as we did for the successful and rapidly growing home textile division.
We are open to further expansion within Europe and any other market that lends itself to that purpose. We as a group offer jobs for hundreds of people in Europe and Asia and operate in compliance with a sound social code of conduct.